Payments and Fees

One flat fee, No lines, No waiting – with appointments only Monday through Friday.

Congratulations!  If you and your spouse have an agreement you will be eligible to use my firm’s divorce document preparation services with one low flat fee without the need for emotional and financial devastation.  You will be self represented.  However, your documents will be prepared by licensed family law attorneys. 

Flat fee package price if you do not have any children: $750.00

Flat fee package price if you have children: $1,200.00

The fees are due upon the execution of a retainer agreement and are non-refundable.  Flat fees do not include court’s filing fee which is currently $435.00

We would love to help you with your issue and then create a payment plan that makes it easy to fit into your budget

Yes, we do take Credit Cards.

For other types of cases my retainer depends on the complexity of your case. I will work with you to understand your needs then work with you to create a plan.  After that I can tell you what the retainer is going to be.




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