Attorney Assisted Legal Document Preparation Services

divorceringpaper Divorce With Peace of Mind. If you have come together with your partner and have decided that it is time for a divorce, you are on good terms, have an agreement and just want to get it done as fast and as inexpensive as possible, we can help. We are here to help you fill out the forms, file the case and help you with a no-nonsense alternative to the Traditional Divorce Process. When going through a divorce, it can feel like you have everything at stake. Whether that includes your children, home, finances, or all of the above— how can you prevent the divorce process from dragging on and on? And how can you be sure that everything is processed correctly? Our firm provides a family law attorney to work with you through the divorce process for a reasonable low flat rate instead of paying by the hour. (pricing and fees page)

Our services include:

Document Preparation Services

These services are for those who can reach an agreement with their spouse and want to make it legal. We will walk you through the paperwork and give you the advice you need. Since we are actual attorneys who practice family law, we are aware of the common legal pitfalls many spouses fall into, and we know how to avoid them. There is no need to wait in long lines. All you have to do is to call my office and schedule an appointment and come in to my office and we will discuss the process. Agreement with no children: Flat Fee $750.00 Agreement with children: Flat Fee $1,250.00 The above fees do not include cost of the filing fee which is currently $435.00.


In the interim, if you change your mind and/or it becomes necessary for you to be represented by a lawyer, at any point during the process of preparing the documents, you have the option to hire my firm who is already familiar with your case to represent you in litigation. So instead of starting from scratch with another firm, you can continue to move forward quickly and confidently with attorneys who are already familiar with your situation.

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